ELSA Bristol hosts the Autumn National Council Meeting

ELSA Bristol was proud to host the 19th National Council Meeting in, what can be termed as, one the most beautiful cities in the Southwest. Although a rather cold weekend, it was compensated by sunshine, blue skies and Bristol’s mesmerising Wills Memorial Building.

Upon arrival to Wills Memorial Building, home to Bristol University’s Law School, ELSA committee members from across the UK and Europe were greeted by the ELSA Bristol host committee and subsequently taken up to Lady Hale Moot Court, where the opening plenaries began. This year, ELSA Bristol welcomed delegates from a record-breaking number of 22 network groups across the UK, hence providing the best opportunity to meet new people and build strong relationships. Whilst the organisation process was at times stressful, the weekend was a tremendous success across the board.

On Friday we had the pleasure of hearing a talk about ‘Brexit: What to watch for between now and March 2019’ from Phil Syrpis, a Professor in European Union Law at the University of Bristol. This highly engaging talk was followed by a questions and answers session, which provided participants with the opportunity to to learn and understand more about such a prevalent issue affecting so many both in the UK and in Europe.

The plenaries continued on Saturday, with trainings and workshops – providing an indispensable opportunity for participants to learn more about their Key and Supporting Areas, what to improve and to exchange ideas about events to plan in the future.

Over the weekend, participants also had the opportunity to partake in a stellar social programme. From experiencing a pub quiz at The White Harte followed by a classic Friday night out at SWX, to a Halloween themed Gala Dinner with a three course meal at one of Bristol’s finest – The Cosy Club, it was indeed an NCM not to be missed.

The Autumn NCM wrapped up on Sunday with the casting of votes, where we welcomed five new Observer Groups (ELSA Birmingham, ELSA Coventry, ELSA Glasgow, ELSA Leeds and ELSA UEA) and voted in two new Full Member Local Groups (ELSA Aberdeen and ELSA Reading), now bringing ELSA UK’s presence up to 21 local groups.


ELSA Bristol would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who made hosting the NCM possible. Firstly, to all the fantastic participants who traveled from across the UK and Europe to be there, we truly hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we enjoyed hosting it. We would also like to thank the caterers and suppliers for the European Commission folders and Boston Tea Party vouchers. We are also very grateful to Dixsha Patel, our wonderful chair for the weekend, who ensured that the smooth-flowing and punctuality of the weekend, as well as the University and Professor Phil Syrpis for supporting us in this NCM. Finally, we would like extend a big thanks to the stellar organising committee, without whom, this weekend would not have been possible.

Finally, we urge groups to not just attend future NCMs, but take on the rewarding challenge of hosing this event and showcasing what your local group has to offer. We look forward to you all for the in London for the Spring NCM!

With ELSA love,  

ELSA Bristol xxx 

Anisha Sandhu is a final year student at the University of Bristol, studying Law LLB (Hons). During her time at University, Anisha was one of the founding committee members of ELSA Bristol, a new Local Group entering the network in 2017. She started off as the VP for Seminars & Conferences, and managed to organise a European Law Moot Competition in collaboration with the VP of AA. In 2018, Anisha took on the role of Head of the Bristol NCM Organising Committee, in collaboration with final year law student, Evangelia Makridou, President of ELSA Bristol, and was subsequently tasked with organising the Autumn National Council Meeting.


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