Student Comparative and European Law Review releases 2nd edition

ELSA UK and ELSA Ireland are pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of the Student Comparative and European Law Review (SCELR). This edition is made of excellent well-researched and original articles covering an array of legal topics, ranging from human rights law to intellectual property law and competition law. Every article was picked from a formidable catalogue of submissions which were a pleasure to read.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this project, whose support made the publishing of this issue possible. The Editorial Board’s commitment to promoting SCELR and reviewing submissions, together with the help of the Sheffield Centre for International and European Law, and more specifically to Dr Tamara Hervey, has been invaluable. This was truly a team effort and has been an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Moving forward, we hope that SCELR continues to grow and thrive, becoming an outstanding international student publication. We are exceptionally honoured at what we have been able to accomplish, and we look forward to seeing SCELR develop under the stewardship of our successors, who will no doubt be an even greater success.

With kindest regards,

Francesca Sella and Scott Davidson

Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor of SCELR

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Student Comparative and European – Second Edition”]

Download link.


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