ELSA UK calls for Directors

Are you looking for an exciting new challenge? Are you ready to take your commitment to ELSA to the next level? ELSA UK is officially recruiting Directors for the 2018/2019 term to help with the maintenance and growth of our Key and Supporting Areas. Directors form an integral part of ELSA UK’s activities and report directly to a National Board officer.

Directors who successfully complete their duties will receive a certificate from ELSA UK and a reference from their National Board Officer at the completion of their term.

Director for ELSA UK Law Careers

ELSA UK Law Careers is a new initiative of ELSA United Kingdom providing our members legal internships and work experience in the United Kingdom. The initiative is in its launching stage, and the Director for ELSA UK Law Careers has a unique opportunity to coordinate the first miles of the initiative from the launch to partnership negotiations and marketing strategy.

The candidate for this position should have a can-do attitude, be a self-starter, and have sufficient free time to dedicate for the responsibilities of the position until the end of July 2019. No ELSA experience is necessary, although a good understanding of ELSA and the Key Areas is desirable.

All questions may be forwarded directly to the Vice President for STEP at step@uk.elsa.org

Candidates should submit their CV, ELSA CV and Motivation Letter to step@uk.elsa.org by 1 March 2019, 23:59 GMT.

Director for Seminars & Conferences

As a Key Area role, the position of Director for Seminars & Conferences is instrumental to the execution of many of ELSA UK’s established projects and events. This is a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience in organising substantive programmes while getting involved with the UK National Group of the world’s largest independent law students’ association. The successful candidate will be given a thorough transition and will collaborate with the Vice President for Seminars and Conferences on the development of a wide range of projects, including International Study Visits, providing support for ELSA Law Schools, overseeing the development of S&C events through the network as well as potentially collaborating for the organisation of the
National Council Meeting hosted in London on March 2019 (not mandatory).

Successful applicants will also play an active role in aiding the communication between the National Board and Local Groups in the UK. All questions may be forwarded directly to the Vice President for Seminars & Conferences at seminarsconferences@uk.elsa.org

Candidates should submit their CV, ELSA CV and Motivation Letter to seminarsconferences@uk.elsa.org by 1 March 2019, 23:59 GMT.


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