National Board Recruitment: Life in the Supporting Areas

At the upcoming National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in London, a new National Board will be elected to guide and govern the ELSA UK network for the 2019-2020 term. For any potential candidates who are interested in running for a position, our current National Board have written short extracts of what their roles entail and what their successors in office might expect should they be successfully elected to the next National Board.

ELSA roles are divided into two separate areas: the Supporting Areas and the Key Areas. The Supporting Areas consist of the President, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer and the Vice President for Marketing. Together these roles support the infrastructure of the ELSA network in the UK. The following are the submissions of our Supporting Area Officers about their ELSA journeys and what they have done since they took up their posts.

Stela Negran, President ELSA UK

Being President of ELSA UK is a very challenging, yet rewarding experience that helps you develop many different skills and qualities. The main areas of work are separated in 3 parts: board management, external relations and expansion.

Board management is quite self-explanatory, and might seem easy, but it takes high level of communication and inter-personal skills. The board consists of 8 very different and unique individuals, and it is important to find a way to connect with your team, motivate them and support throughout the term.

Stela headed the ELSA UK Delegation to the International Council Meeting of ELSA in Opatija.

External relations is a challenging and difficult part of being a President, but in a very different way. It includes maintaining existing relationship with different people, such as organisations, firms, ELSA UK patron, etc., and on the other hand, creating new ones. It is important to know how to properly sell ELSA, and how to tailor the information provided to different types of potential partners and sponsors. It is very exciting as it allows you to meet new people, learn new things and practice viewing things from different perspectives.

Finally, there is expansion. Expansion for an ELSA UK President means working on increasing the quality and quantity of Local Groups. President is the first point of contact for the initiative Local Groups, and it is the President’s duty to provide them with all the necessary information and support in order to successfully become part of the ELSA network. It further entails a lot of communication and support to Member and Observer Local Groups, in order to continue improving the quality of ELSA UK network by strengthening the Local Groups and thus their activities and presence. Managing more than 19 Local Groups is a challenging task, but it allows you to communicate with many amazing people, work with them, get to know them, and sometimes even have a lot of fun.

Stela provided trainings for the Local Group Presidents at the National Council Meeting in Bristol in October 2018.

All in all, being the President of ELSA UK is not an easy task, and a great president of ELSA UK would be full of ELSA spirit, responsible, communicative and easy going but at the same time patient and supportive. Taking the responsibility over the ELSA UK network allows you to develop personally, as well as to transpire your ambitions and passion towards ELSA and meet amazing people on the way, so I would definitely suggest it to strong and charismatic individuals.


Hendrik D. Jonsson Treasurer of ELSA UK

I joined the National Board in my third year as an officer of ELSA UK – having previously served as Treasurer of ELSA Kent and of ELSA LSE. The Treasurer is the Financial Manager of an ELSA board, and while the role varies between the Local and National level, the core aspect of this function is to balance the budget of the ELSA group, seek grants to enable the network to grow, and most importantly find ways for your Key Area Officers organise spectacular events for law students within the confines of a limited funds budget.

During my term, I have had the opportunity to lead the work on transforming ELSA UK’s financial infrastructure to make us fit to accommodate the growth of our network and to be prepared to become an official registered charity. The next Treasurer will have the exciting opportunity of taking that growth forward and shaping the role and potential of a larger and more successful ELSA UK.

Candidates elected at the National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in Stirling.

The highlights of my term have included the international and national trips for the training that defines ELSA as a network that operates as a contiguous whole across an entire continent, and continuously seeks to improve the opportunities it offers through collaboration across all 44 National Groups. I chaired the Financial Management Workshops at the International Council Meeting of ELSA in Opatija and the trainings I have participated in internationally were passed forward to the Local Officers at the National Council Meeting in Bristol.

Being a Treasurer isn’t all budgets and grants. There’s also the occasional Gala, like this one in Opatija, Croatia.

Overall, the greatest part about being a member of the National Board is getting to be a part of that team of committed ELSA officers for a year, and working with them towards achieving the goals we collectively set for the network. Being a member of the National Board teaches you invaluable lessons about teamwork, achieving goals, time management and professionalism – which I now take with me as I leave my post as Treasurer, and pass the baton to an ambitious candidate to learn and grow in the role.

Justinne Shoshana Leibovici, Vice President for Marketing

I joined ELSA in my first year at Queen Marry University, as a director for Marketing. Shortly after, I was promoted to Vice President for Marketing at QMUL. Deciding to run for the position of Vice President for Marketing at my second National Council meeting, in Stirling, March 2018, was an invaluable decision.

My position requires me to train and oversee local marketers from 20 UK law schools, while concurrently updating and communicating with all other board members. I am required to manage both national and international marketing campaigns while ensuring that there is Corporate Identity compliance with the ELSA Brand and that the brand is correctly represented. During the National Council meeting of ELSA UK, in Bristol I was required to lead marketing specific workshops and ensured local UK officer training.

Snapshots of ELSA UK’s Marketing Campaigns for the 2018/2019 term

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The possibility of partaking in both national and international trips has allowed me to grasp a better and more coherent understanding of the vast influence and opportunities that the ELSA network offer. Partaking in the International Council Meeting was not only an incredible opportunity for networking and meeting new people all over the network but also an invaluable learning experience.

The Marketeer plays an indispensable role for every event of ELSA UK, being the lens through which the outside world views the network.

This term has not only allowed me to increase my transferable skills, and employability but more importantly allowed me to work in collaboration with seven driven and talented individuals with whom ELSA UK would not be the same. Working in such a close collaboration has seriously enabled the entire ELSA UK board to bond closely, and make invaluable friendships for life. The often challenging tasks has allowed us each not only to grow as individuals but enables us all to now confidently say, that we are expert team players.

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Submit your candidacy application to by 14 March 2019.

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