ELSA UK Second Call for Directors

Are you looking for an exciting new challenge? Are you ready to shape the future of ELSA UK? Do you want to enrich your CV and gain valuable skills?  ELSA UK Second Call for Directors is your opportunity to get involved and help with the maintenance and growth of our Key and Supporting Areas. 

We are looking for driven, dedicated, and approachable people to join our Board as Directors! 

While no previous experience is necessary, although in certain more specific positions preferred,  we especially welcome applications from candidates with good understanding of ELSA as well as strong communication and time-management skills. 

All you need to do is send your CV and cover letter (max 350 words) to the appropriate emails listed below. 

The deadline for applications is Friday 11th October 23:59 GMT. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us on info@uk.elsa.org or to contact the National Board Officer responsible for the position directly. 

Seminars and Conferences

Director for Study Visits

One of the key areas of focus this year in the UK Network are the study visits we run. The Director for this position would be working alongside the ELSA UK Vice President of Seminars & Conferences on implementing a new system to increase the number of Study Visits to and from the UK. 


Director for LEAP

LEAP is a new initiative of ELSA United Kingdom offering our members legal internships and work experience in the United Kingdom. The initiative is in its launching stage, and the Director for LEAP has a unique opportunity to:

  • Coordinate the first miles of the initiative from the launch to partnership negotiations and beyond
  • Design and curate the marketing strategy

Director for Reception

Reception is one of the integral parts of the STEP calendar and programme. Reception refers to the receiving, support and welcoming of all STEP trainees carrying out their STEP Internship in the UK. The Director for Reception will be responsible for:

  • The overall coordination of Local Group reception
  • Improving and cultivating the ELSA UK Reception Strategy

Director for Job Hunting

Job Hunting is an incredibly important part of the STEP calendar. Job Hunting refers to the negotiating, researching and securing of new STEP partners and Traineeship Providers. The Director for Job Hunting will be responsible for:

  • The overall coordination of Local Group Job Hunting
  • Improving and cultivating the ELSA UK Job Hunting Strategy.


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