International Internal Meetings

Every year, the ELSA cycle sees a number of international meetings –  these are: two International Presidents’ Meetings (IPM), a Key Area Meeting (KAM), a Supporting Area Meeting (SAM) and last but by no means least the two International Council Meetings (ICM).

These events provide ELSA officer, both at national and local level, with an opportunity to learn and improve their skills, share their experiences and network with fellow students from all over Europe.

These meetings are an indispensable tool necessary to make sure that the ELSA network, now spanning over 44 countries and counting 69,000 members is well-managed and that the decisions on how it should be governed are thought-out, thoroughly-discussed and informed. Furthermore, they provide us with opportunities to discover amazing places and create long-lasting bonds and friendships!

ELSA UK is proud to have represented the UK network at all the 2019/2020 meetings so far and is looking forward to attending the remaining two later this year. We strongly believe that the participation at these events, and thus giving voice to ELSA UK at the international level, is a vital responsibility of the National Board.

After all, the above international meetings have given the ELSA UK officers the tools and inspiration necessary to lead a very successful 21st National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in Leeds. 

International Presidents Meeting 

The first IPM of the 2019/2020 term was held at the end of August in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. ELSA UK was represented by our President Agata Daszko, ELSA UK VP Seminars and Conferences and President of ELSA Nottingham Daniel Parkin, and Francesco Bondi – ELSA UK VP STEP and President of ELSA Birmingham.

ELSA Presidents are responsible for BEE – Board Management, External Relations and Expansion. The IPM is designed to harness the skills necessary to fulfill these functions. Nearly 50 national and local presidents were asked to think of and contribute to the BEE strategy of ELSA as a whole, in order to keep the network growing and improving. The five-days long meeting was filled with informative and engaging workshops, discussions and social activities.

Supporting Area Meeting  

SAMs are designed for all those officers who, alongside Presidents, keep ELSA running like a well-oiled machine. These officers are Secretary Generals, Treasurers and Marketeers. The IX SAM of ELSA was held in Alicante, Spain from 4th-8th September and ELSA UK was represented by our Secretary General Sina Gertsch and Treasurer Lauren Henry. The meeting was a great opportunity for the officers to learn about their respective areas on an international level. Furthermore, it allowed for the exchange of experiences and ideas between national officers.

The participants also visited the European Union Intellectual Property Organisation (EUIPO), where they had a chance to network and learn more about how IP rights operate within the EU context.

Key Area Meeting

This year’s KAM was held in Istanbul, Turkey at the same time as SAM. Similarly to SAMs, KAMs are focused on providing training for individual officers – the ones responsible for the flagship and national projects of ELSA. The officers in question are VPs for: STEP, Academic Activities, Seminars and Conferences, and Moot Court Competitions. These officers are vital for the actual substantial running of ELSA. After all, they are the ones who organise and run events, competitions and conferences.

ELSA UK was represented by our VP for Seminars and Conferences Daniel Parkin, VP for Moot Court Competitions Laura Cestaro and VP for STEP Francesco Bondi.

At KAM, a comprehensive programme allowed officers to meet officers from other National Groups of ELSA, be updated in terms of the development of projects over the 2019/2020 term, and construct Strategic Planning Goals to achieve both in the short and long term. It was a wonderful opportunity for ELSA UK to represent its network in terms of national and local projects, and learn more about what other ELSA National Groups are accomplishing.

International Council Meeting

ICMs are one of the central features of the ELSA calendar. They provide a chance for delegations from all the national groups to meet, discuss ideas, put forward proposals and vote on them. While the participants also take part in workshops and planning meetings, the ICM is where the change happens! 

In a world as dynamic as today’s, we cannot afford to be stagnant, we need to move with the time and react to the changes around us – we also need to listen to each other’s problems and work together to solve them for the benefit of the network. ICMs are also an opportunity to elect new ELSA International officers and on that, ELSA UK would like to congratulate our alumna Sarah Ikast Kristoffersen on being elected ELSA VP for Academic Activities for the 2019/2020 term.

The first ICM of 2019/2020 took place in Constanta, Bucharest between 20th-27th October. ELSA UK was represented by our President Agata Daszko, Secretary General Sina Gertsch, Treasurer Lauren Henry, VP for Marketing Poly Papageorgiou, VP for Seminars and Conference Daniel Parkin and VP for STEP Francesco Bondi. ELSA UK was also thrilled to be joint by local representatives from ELSA Birmingham, ELSA Leeds, and ELSA QMUL.

Agata Daszko is a Public International Law LLM candidate at Leiden University. She has been involved with ELSA since 2015 and will serve as the President of ELSA UK for the 2019/2020 academic term. She is a keen traveller, foodie and loves everything ELSA-related.

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