ELSA UK Second Call for Directors

Second chances do not come around all that often so do not hesitate and apply now to join the ELSA UK National Team 2020/2021!

Are you looking for an exciting new challenge? Are you ready to shape the future of ELSA UK? Do you want to enrich your CV and gain valuable skills? If that sounds like you, ELSA UK Second Call for Directors is your opportunity to get involved and help with the maintenance and growth of our Key and Supporting Areas. 

While no previous experience is necessary, although in certain more specific positions preferred,  we especially welcome applications from candidates with a good understanding of ELSA as well as strong communication and time-management skills. 

All you need to do is send your ELSA CV and Cover Letter (max 350 words) to the appropriate emails listed below. Additionally, an example of your proofreading skills is required while applying for some positions in Internal Management.

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 22th September 23:59 BST. The National Board reserve the right to close for applications sooner should enough suitable applications be received.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the National Board Officer responsible for the position directly. 

Board Management, Expansion, and External Relations 

This will be a supporting role for the UK network, working closely with other areas to implement online elements. Including the introduction of a National Officers Portal. 

  • It is crucial that the applicant has knowledge of coding. 
  • Has an interest in creating efficient systems to support the ELSA UK network
  • Where possible website building skills would be preferred

Internal Management 

The Project Book (temporary name) will be an online and/or physical pamphlet that overviews our Flagship Projects and how they benefit UK students. This will have all key information in one place where everything is presented concisely and tailored to our unique membership.

Key skills needed:

  • Graphic design knowledge is preferable
  • Ability to sift through large amounts of information
  • Knowledge of ELSA’s Flagship Projects

Knowledge Management is something the entire board wishes to improve this year. This primarily includes the creation/improvement of handbooks, training manuals and transition material. This job will also assist the Secretary General in data management and other forms of information needed to keep up with the Network such as: email lists, communication with Local Groups, GDPR, etc. This director will also assist in the daily tasks of the Secretary General.

Key skills needed:

  • Attention to detail
  • Knowledge of the different areas of ELSA (preferably both Supporting and Key)
  • Highly organised

A key project for internal management this year will be editing the Decision Book. This position will likely be more intense during first term, as many of the proposals will be discussed in our Autumn NCM. However, during the second term you will work with the Director for Knowledge Management for other projects, such as transition manuals and handbooks. This director will also assist in the daily tasks of the Secretary General.

Key skills needed:

  • Keen attention to detail
  • Exceptional British grammar
  • Fast reading/typing would be useful
  • Knowledge of key ELSA terminology

As the main responsibility in this role will be proofreading, as part of your application, please edit the following paragraph. Feel free to change the structure of it if you wish:

If ELSA United Kingdom or any of it’s local groups violates the Regulations set out in section 5 and 6 of this decision book, the Groups affected shall: within 6 months from the time the harmed group was informed reach an agreement on a suitable sanction and The national Council shall be informed about the sanction agreed upon. A copy of the agreement should be sent to the President of ELSA United Kingdom. The agreement shall not be overruled by the National Council, as long as all the Groups involved agreed to it; If no agreement are reached, the National Council shall, at its own initiative, or, at the recommendation of the National Board, decide on a suitable sanction.


  • Given: ELSA United Kingdom or if applicable the respective local group, will respond within 7 calendar days counting from when the Email was sent; if ELSA UK or the local group refuse to grant the Request: it’s going to give a reason for its refusal.
  • Edited: ELSA United Kingdom or, if applicable, the respective Local Group, shall respond within seven calendar days counting from the day the email was sent. If ELSA United Kingdom, or the Local Group, refuses to grant the request, it shall state a reason for its refusal.

The Human Resources Model is divided into four processes:
a. Attraction and Selection;
b. Training and Development;
c. Engagement and Retention;
d. Transition and Exit.

The Director will assist in Local Group communication in regard to the above processes. This will include fine-tuning marketing strategies to attract members, training officers to better support their members, keep up communication for retention and assisting the Knowledge Management Director in supplying transition materials.

Key Skills:

  • Great communication skills, personable
  • Sense of strategy and individualising plans
  • Interest in ELSA’s projects and sustainability for future years
  • Experience not necessary, if you are new to the Network I will train you for the position

Academic Activities

This year will see a considerable expansion of Academic Competitions within the ELSA UK Network. This will primarily include a national Negotiation Competition, amongst others. The Director for Academic Competitions will be tasked with providing our Vice President for Academic Activities with assistance in the organisation and management of these competitions.

Due to the novel situation we find ourselves in, the online organisation of these events is a very likely possibility. We hence require an individual proficient in technology. Besides this, the role would involve communication with participants, clarification of participant queries, and possibly professional communication in the interest of securing judges and hopefully, venues.

Key skills needed:

  • Candidates with previous experience in event management or the organisation of competitions will be given preference. This is, however, not a necessity, and excellence in other criteria could easily outweigh this preference.
  • Ability to undertake independent work
  • Organisational skills
  • Adept with technology
  • Creative problem solving
  • Responsive to emails and other official communication
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Effective communication skills


  • An AAmazing opportunity to further hone your organisational skills
  • An opportunity to build professional contacts
  • An opportunity to establish yourself within the ELSA UK Community and make connections with exceptional members from around the country

Moot Court Competitions

Organising Committee of the ELSA UK Commercial Law Moot Court Competition 

After a great success last year, we are incredibly excited to be organising the 3rd edition of the ELSA UK Commercial Law Moot Court Competition (COMMOOT). 

Because of the scale of the project, we are recruiting for a number of positions:


  • Communicate with Local Officers about holding a Local Round
  • Answer questions and concerns regarding the LRs
  • Track team registrations


  • Be responsible for the registration of participants
  • Respond to participants’ questions regarding venue, practicalities, accommodation etc
  • Update participants on a running basis


  • Communicate with both the venue and accommodation
  • Set up rooms and receive participants, judges, trainers and coaches
  • Organise the Prize Ceremony, lunch and coffee breaks

    Organising Committee of the Climate Moot


    • Recruit and communicate with judges, trainers and coaches
    • Respond to participants’ questions regarding the moot problem, training, deadlines, oral proceedings etc
    • Receive, check and send written submissions to judges


    • Be responsible for registration of participants
    • Respond to participants’ questions regarding venue, practicalities, accommodation etc
    • Update participants on a running basis
    • Collaborate with Venue and Logistics in the Social Programme


    • Communicate with both the venue and accommodation
    • Set up rooms and receive participants, judges, trainers and coaches
    • Organise the Prize Ceremony, lunch, dinner,  and coffee breaks
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