Training Day 2020

Last year in October, ELSA UK hosted its first Training Day! The event was a success, bringing together the majority of our 25 Local Groups together for the first time during the 2020/2021 term.

All areas received foundational training that aimed to provide the tools necessary for a fruitful year. Due to Covid-19, many Local Boards were unable to fully transition and train incoming committee members.

As a National Board, we wanted to ensure everyone had the opportunity to connect and learn about the Network, despite the circumstances.

A few highlights from our area workshops included our brilliant Marketing team, led by Kasia Kostka through discussions, group tasks and quizzes. 

In these workshops, our marketeers covered Corporate Identity (CI) compliance as well as increasing social media presence and improving graphic design. The attendees were also able to gain insight from Nikos Fifis, VP for Marketing on the International Board, about cross promotion and social media tricks.

ELSA UK’s VP for STEP officer, Murad Cholak, led his area’s workshops by beginning with “Job Hunting” — a transferable. skillset. With the help of the VP STEP Francesco Bondi and VP MCC Louis Bremond from the International Board, the workshop was designed to support local STEP officers in building the practical skills necessary to network with and negotiate new traineeships with legal organisations.

STEP participants were divided into groups to draft an email to a potential traineeship provider with the aim of securing a meeting. The second part of the exercise saw pairs of two simulating a negotiation between and ELSA Local Group and a law firm to secure new traineeships hosted by the firm.

This provided essential experience and insight for local officers who may not have had access to this level of training for their new position within ELSA UK.

Diarmaid Ó Cuanacháin and I briefly brought VPs for Seminars and Conferences and Secretary Generals together to discuss engaging members whilst having to use online platforms. While we were able to give some tips and tricks for engaging in both academic and social activities, we were also able to gain a better sense of what challenges our Local Groups were facing.

The day culminated in an evening social to bring the Network together for the first time in the 2020/2021 year. In true ELSA Spirit, despite the unusual circumstances, we were able to bring people from around the world together.

About the Author

Amanda, or AJ, Muntz recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with an LLB in International Law and Globalisation. After attending many national and international ELSA event, she’s happy to be apart of the ELSA UK National Board for this year!

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