In November 2020 ELSA UK had its first ever online NCM, NCM Glasgow, hosted by one of our wonderful local groups, ELSA University of Glasgow. 

Though we wish it could have been hosted in person, the OC made great plans strategically and socially to ensure that all in attendance had the best time possible. 



The NCM started off with a video welcome from the OC, alongside a tour of the University of Glasgow to show us some of what we were missing. We then had speakers from the university, with Jim Murdoch providing the opening address and the academic programme from Maria Fletcher. The opening plenary was then able to commence with our Chair and Vice-Chair, Meeri Toivanen and Hendrik Daði Jónsson being elected. That evening we had a quiz night provided by the OC featuring questions on everything from law to haunted houses in the USA. 

The second day of the NCM started with individual area workshops that mainly featured discussions on potential Decision Book updates for the next NCM. The Mid-Plenary started that afternoon with a revision of the list of votes, with the budget for the year being presented alongside some questions from the council. This was followed by a discussion on the Input Paper submitted by ELSA Westminster which lead to the Diversity and Inclusion Meeting in December.

The discussions in the individual area workshops were then relayed by each respective National Board member alongside questions and comments from the NC. These discussions continued on to the next day. 

124349316_709086240008652_7067274396426123208_n (1)


The Final plenary commenced by resuming the recounts of the Individual area workshops. Presentations were then made ELSA Durham, ELSA Northumbria, AJ Muntz and Daniel Parkin (facilitated by Diarmaid Ó Cuanacháin). The online voting procedure then commenced with presentations from local groups and NB to the NC whilst votes were collected.

We are happy to say that both ELSA Durham and ELSA Northumbria were voted in as Member Groups to the ELSA UK Family and AJ and Daniel were elected to the National Board as Sec Gen and President respectively. 

We would like to thank the OC, as well as the Chair and Vice-Chair for all their hard work in pulling this off and all those in attendance for their participation and patience throughout the NCM. We hope to see you all in person at some point this year! 

About the Author

Freya Hawken is a Research Masters student at the University of Warwick, specialising in the field of Public International law. She was previously President of ELSA Coventry before joining the National Board as Treasurer.

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