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ELSA BristolThe ELSA Bristol Local Group was founded in September 2017 and is affiliated with the University of Bristol student’s union. It has gained the status of an observer group at the NCM in November 2017 and following that, it became a full member at the Spring NCM in 2018. ELSA Bristol will host the Autumn NCM in 2018.





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Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Life as an Environmental Lawyer Presentation

ELSA Bristol invited senior lawyer Laura Stevenson to talk about her professional work and give an insight to students about what it is like to work in environmental law.

Summer ELSA Law School Workshop

We hosted a workshop informing students about the summer law school courses, the application process, the locations and we also collected reviews about the most popular destinations. We got in touch with past participants and asked them about their experience, which in turn proved to be useful as we discovered the pros and cons on going to certain schools.  

ELSA Delegations Workshop

Prekshi talked about her experience as a delegate in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She talked about the advantages of becoming a delegate and how her own experience led her to improve her CV and how she can talk about it at interviews with potential employers.

King Pie Social

The social involved cutting a pie with a coin in it. The rules were that the person who gets the slice of the pie with the coin wins a present from ELSA Bristol.

Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

We  hosted a mooting competition on EU law, which proved to be a success.

From the first event (the Welcome Event) to the last one, it has been a successful year for ELSA Bristol as we gained full membership and are currently preparing to host the Autumn NCM this year.

Contact ELSA Bristol

Contact ELSA Bristol



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