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The EHRMCC is a simulated hearing of the European Court of Human Rights. The new structure to the competition consists of the written round, the European Regional Rounds and the Final Round. The Competition provides a unique opportunity for students to experience the principles and implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights firsthand.

All teams participate in the written round in which they prepare written submissions for both the applicant and the respondent. They then will have to participate in an official and mandatory Regional Round. After being recognised as a network with a strong involvement to the Competition through the LSESU-born London Human Rights Moot Court Competition, ELSA UK has been approved to host the Western European Regional Round at the University of Nottingham between January 23rd and 25th. The Final Round is the last stage of the competition, where the best 20 teams compete. The Final is organised annually in Strasbourg with the pleadings taking place at the European Court of Human Rights. Every member of the winning team is invited for the traineeship at the European Court of Human Rights.

Participants sign up in teams of 2-4 students and only students enrolled in undergraduate or masters’ studies from a school or law faculty awarding a law degree are allowed to participate at the Competition. If you are interested in participating, you should contact your local MCC Officer. In case your university does not have a Local ELSA Group, please contact the VP MCC of ELSA UK at

To learn more about the 8th Edition of the EHRMCC visit To read the blog post about the first Regional Round of the EHRMCC organised by ELSA UK at the University of Nottingham, click here.

Photos of the Western Regional Round in Nottingham, 24th-26th January 2020

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