Greenhouse Party

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It’s the end of the ELSA term, and we’re ready to celebrate it.

It is time for the annual ELSA UK end of term party where the network gathers together for one last time and celebrates the achievements of the past year. This term has been characterised by immense growth for the network: we welcomed 8 new Local Groups into the network, our autumn and spring NCMs broke all participation records, and we had groundbreaking projects in all Key Areas. That is why this year’s summer party is: the Greenhouse Party, hosted at the aptly named Grow bar in Hackney, London.

Join us on Friday 14 June 2019 from 6 PM until late, catch up with old ELSA friends and make some new ones before we all head our separate ways into the summer. Registration is free.

This will be the last ELSA UK event for this year’s National Board so we are really looking forward to seeing you all one final time!

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