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ELSA Coventry is a Member group for students based at Coventry University and had recently received this status at the Bristol NCM in 2018. We are affiliated with the Coventry University Student Union (CUSU) at our university and are aiming to expand the prospects of the students at our society by obtaining full membership status.



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Seminars & Conferences

So far this academic year we have attended NCM Bristol 2018, which is where we were made an observer group. This allows our members to benefit from all of ELSA UK and ELSA International’s opportunities that are on offer. We plan to attend NCM London 2019 in March. As we are such a new group we haven’t put on any NCMs or seminars yet, but we hope to in future years.

Academic Activities

In 2018, we ran an essay competition on the subject of the right to education, co-ordinating with ELSA Day 2018’s theme and a talk by No5 Chambers Barrister, Beckett Bedford, on the subject of the Citizens’ Directive. These opportunities were open to all Coventry University students as we wanted to expand the reach that our local group has, as many law students didn’t know about ELSA Coventry at the beginning of the term.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme

In the upcoming year, we wish for our members to reap the benefits of the STEP programme and will encourage them to apply. This will allow our members to gain relevant work experience and give them the opportunity to enhance not only their professional skills, but also their personal development. The focus will not solely be on conventional legal placements, but on those which are suited to the individual.

Moot Court Competitions

We are currently in the process of organising a jointly run moot competition with Coventry University Law Society later this academic year.

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