ELSA LSE SU is the Local Group of ELSA for students at the London School of Economics (LSE). It was founded in October 2017 and became an Observer group of ELSA UK at the National Council Meeting in Exeter in November 2017. At the 18th National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in Stirling, ELSA LSESU was unanimously voted in as a full member. The group is affiliated with the London School of Economics Students’ Union (LSESU) from which it has received the Silver Star Award for 2018.


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Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

The London Human Rights Moot Court Competition


The first of the oral rounds of the LHRMCC will be hosted by ELSA LSE in collaboration with ELSA UK and LSESU Bar & Chambers at the LSE on 7th of February. In the London Human Rights Moot Court Competition, participants get a unique opportunity to engage practically with the European Convention on Human Rights and the procedures before the European Court of Human Rights. The LHRMCC is the UK national round of the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition (EHRMCC). The first edition was hosted at the LSE in January 2018, and constituted the first intercollegiate moot court competition in ELSA UK’s history with teams coming from ELSA Queen Mary, ELSA King’s College London and ELSA Kent. This year, the competition has expanded and is open to all Local Groups in the UK network. 

Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

IAS-ELSA Arbitration Academy & Competition

Arbitration is not taught at the undergraduate level at the LSE. To provide an opportunity for all students to engage with arbitration, ELSA LSE SU has worked with the LSESU International Arbitration Society in organising the second edition of the Arbitration Academy & Competition. During the Arbitration Academy, students were given a series of seminars by arbitration experts from leading law firms. In the Arbitration Competition, due to take place in Lent Term 2019, students will get the opportunity to engage practically with arbitration and showcase their oral advocacy. The competition will be followed by a reception where students can engage with invited practitioners in the field of international arbitration.

EU Careers Talk

ELSA LSE collaborated with EU Careers Representative Naina Gupta for a seminar on Careers available at the European Union. Naina highlighted the breadth of career opportunities across multiple disciplines offered by the EU, the application procedure for positions, and the qualities that recruiters are looking for. In addition, Naina provided insights into what is judged in the assessment centres and how much weight online tests are given.


As this year’s focus was the ‘right to education’ as protected under Article 2, Protocol 1 to the European Convention on Human Rights, we collaborated with IntoUniversity to organise an opportunity for 20 A-level students interested in studying law to come to LSE and engage in a moot court competition. 

We began with an insightful talk from Dr. Tatiana Cutts on the transition from school to studying Law at university, followed by a Q&A session. Then, we moved on to the moot problem, which envisioned a scenario in which Harry Potter was expelled from Hogwarts and decided to launch a human rights claim against the state for violating his right to education. With the help of LSE LLB students acting as mentors, the participants formulated their arguments and then presented them in an interesting and lively moot.

Academic Activities (AA)

Legal Research Group on the Right to Protest

The Legal Research Group on the right to protest is a cooperation between ELSA LSE, ELSA Iceland and ELSA Nanterre. The LRG serves as a significant step towards increasing knowledge about the right to protest and providing additional learning opportunities to law students everywhere.

In order to conduct the research, all three groups jointly created eight different questions that targeted the right to protest. Each group was tasked with writing a report based on the national legislation and laws that governed their jurisdiction. Subsequently, we have compiled a thorough report that highlights the right to protest in three different jurisdictions. The full report will be published and available on the ELSA UK website.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

ELSA LSE SU has focused on spreading awareness among both undergraduate and postgraduate students about our STEP opportunities. Our STEP team, led by Olga, has recently organized a workshop to provide insight into the application process, the traineeships that are available in the current cycle and what you can expect from STEP.


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