ELSA Westminster


ELSA Westminster is the Local Group of ELSA UK for the students at the University of Westminster, and was founded in the year 2015. As of 2017, ELSA Westminster was voted as a Full-Member at the London NCM hosted by Queen-Mary University in collaboration with the University of Westminster.


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ELSA Westminster is located at the heart of central London where our committee members dedicate themselves in providing a series of Academic Activities, Seminars & Conferences and Social Events to promote ELSA to law students.

Through our elaborate social network, notable law firms and professors and alumni grace our hallways to provide insightful talks, challenging students and keeping them inspired within their legal journey. Moreover, we provide a series of trips such as, to the European Parliament in Brussels on top of commercial awareness seminars aiming and social events to entertain.

Our ultimate goal is to promote ELSA UK to our best ability and create a social network where students from other local Elsa groups are able to meet and connect.

Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Commercial Awareness and Legal Risk Workshop with Denis Viskovich in January 2019

The aim of this workshop is to give students an exclusive insight into what it is like to work as an in house lawyer in a dynamic fast paced international banking/corporate environment – and how important commercial awareness and management of legal risk is in the commercial world. Practical examples will be given during the workshop to take into account different commercial realities and legal risks.

The insight given in the workshops is not something that can be read in the textbook and will provide students with a valuable real life view into this world should they be considering a future career in the corporate/banking environment. They will also assist students who are wanting to go into private practice to gain an insight into what their commercial clients want and expect of them. The workshop will be based on real life scenarios, which will improve student’s employability skills and understanding of how to deal with legal challenges and legal risks in the commercial world.

Applications, CV and Careers Workshop with Aspiring Solicitors in January 2019

Aspiring Solicitors will host an event at the Westminster Law School on how to write CV and Cover letter. During the session, tips and tricks will be shared to optimize and gain the best set of skills for a career in law. Furthermore, it will tackle interview questions allowing the candidates to stand out from the rest.

Academic Activities (AA)

International Study visits to the European Parliament in March 2019

The aim of the event is to inform the attending students of the available careers that they can have in the European union. It will inform them of the requirements that they need to meet to access these careers and also on how to do so and the process. It will prompt attendees that are interested in a career with the EU and working abroad, using different languages and meeting new people.

Visiting the Westminster Parliament in April 2019

A one-day visit will enable students to get a basic understanding and explore how the Whips in the House of Commons operate e.g. organisation, responsibilities, relationship with the House administration and relationships with and responsibilities of Members. In addition, it will give a brief explanation as to how the House of Commons operates, enabling students to learn about the work of the MP’s.


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