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ELSA mdxELSA Middlesex University is the Local Group of ELSA for students at the Middlesex University. It was found in November 2017 and was unanimously voted in as an Observer Group at the National Council Meeting of ELSA UK held in Stirling 2018.





Academic Activities (AA)

The Legal 50 Law Quiz

This was an event held in collaboration with the MDX Student Law Society. The quiz consisted of 50 law related questions, whereby 10 questions within five different categories. The topics covered various aspects, such as contract law, Latin phrases and analysing imagines to make out which law firm was indicated. The winning teams won tickets to a networking event for future barristers held at Lincolns Inn, which consisted of a three-course dinner with judges and barristers.  

The Moo-Bate

moobate 2

ELSA Middlesex organised the Moo-bate In collaboration with the MDX Debating Society. The Moo-bate was a mix between a parliamentary style debate and a moot. The overall theme was Brexit, and the potential consequences that Brexit imposes were debated. The event took the form of a competition consisting of two initial rounds, where 2 winning teams went through to the final. Each team consisted of a law student arguing the legality aspect of the motion and a debating participant arguing on grounds of morality. The first motion was ‘This house believes that Brexit is reversible’. The second motion was ‘This house believes a second referendum on Brexit will guarantee democratic legitimacy’, and the final motion read ‘This house believes that Brexit will have a damaging impact on public security’.


Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Women in the Legal Profession

Women and the lawIn celebration of International Women’s Day, ELSA Middlesex University held a seminar on women in the legal profession. The event aimed at promoting women and the different aspects of working with the law. The guest speakers consisted of a barrister, a solicitor who has set up her own law firm, the Legal Directorate of the Bank of England and an investigator in the Hertfordshire Police Local Crime Unit. The speakers talked about the work they do and shared their journeys of how they got to where they are today. They additionally provided useful tips and inside knowledge of their day-to-day work and the many possibilities that exist. This was all done with a special focus on women and the law and the challenges that women may face in the legal profession.

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