National Board 2016-2017


The National Board for the 2016/2017 term was comprised of 7 elected officers and 5 appointed directors.

The National Board sent delegations to the Key Area Meeting in Münster, the International Presidents Meeting in Brno, and the International Council Meetings of ELSA in Porto and Valletta. The National Council Meetings of ELSA UK during this term were hosted in Aberdeen in the autumn and London in the spring.

  • PresidentAnastasia Kalinina (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Secretary-General – Nikki Hadjivasiliou (University of Leicester)
  • Treasurer Evangelos Stefanis (University of Aberdeen)
  • Vice President for Marketing (MKT) – Ethan Dodd (University of Exeter)
  • Vice President for Seminar & Conferences (S&C) Anastasija Piazenko (University of Essex)
  • Vice President for Academic Activities (AA) – Jessica Allen (University of Nottingham)
  • Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) Natalie Imani (University of Surrey)


  • Director for Internal Management  (IM) – Frank Oxley (University of Nottingham)
  • Director for Seminars & Conferences (S&C) – Eloïse Ryon (University of Leicester)
  • Director  for Moot Court Competitions (AA) – Charlotte Ng Jane Ting (London School of Economics)
  • Director for Negotiation Competitions (AA) – Gertrud Metsa (University of Essex)
  • Director for the Student Comparative and European Law Review (AA) – Sam Hussaini (University of Nottingham.


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