National Board 2018-2019

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The National Board for the 2018/2019 term was comprised of 8 officers elected by the National Council and 13 appointed directors.

The National Board sent delegations to the International Council Meetings in Opatija and Baku. The National Board was represented at the International Presidents Meetings in Kutaisi and Tallinn, the Supporting Area Meeting in Thessaloniki and the Key Area Meeting in Lviv. The National Council Meetings of ELSA UK during this term were hosted in Bristol in the autumn and in London in the spring.

During this term, the inaugural COMMOOT was organised by ELSA United Kingdom in addition to the London Human Rights Moot Court Competition becoming a national competition for its second edition, serving as an Official Pre-Round to the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition. The ELSA UK Negotiations Competition was established, with its inaugural edition being hosted by ELSA Bristol. The second edition of SCELR was published in February 2019 and the third annual ELSA Amicus Essay Competition was organised in January 2019, drawing a record number of submissions. The third edition of the Summer ELSA Law School on Migration Law was organised by ELSA Kent in June 2019.

The network welcomed 8 new Observer Groups (ELSA Birmingham, ELSA Coventry, ELSA Glasgow, ELSA Leeds, ELSA Leicester, ELSA Manchester, ELSA University of East Anglia and ELSA University of Law) and 5 new Member Groups (ELSA Aberdeen, ELSA King’s College London, ELSA Leeds, ELSA Reading and ELSA University College London).

Read the National Board’s farewell blog post to the network here.


Stela Negran (Queen Mary University of London)

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I am originally from Croatia. I moved to the UK in 2014 in pursuit of better education, and I have graduated with a degree in Law and Politics from Queen Mary, University of London, and expect to graduate with an LLM degree in International Business Law in the coming December from the same university.

Since my first year of undergraduate studies, I have been involved with ELSA, participating in various international events, as well as holding the positions of VP Marketing, President and Deputy Officer for Postgraduate Students of ELSA QMUL throughout my studies. At the Spring NCM in Stirling, I was elected President of ELSA UK, and I will do my best to make our National Group even better, motivating and supporting the amazing team that I will be working with.

In my term I hope to make progress with registering ELSA UK as a charity in order to gain legal standing and other benefits, establish permanent partnerships with law firms and non-governmental organizations, and create an ELSA UK Alumni network to connect previous and current officers and members, for the benefit of them both.


Michael Kest (University of Westminster)

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I am an aspiring commercial solicitor and penultimate year law student enrolled in the European Legal Studies LLB course at the University of Westminster. Last year I completed my year abroad studying German Law at the Free University of Berlin.

My ELSA career began in 2016 when I joined the executive board of ELSA Westminster as VP Marketing. On the local level, I helped to grow the organisation and achieve full membership status within ELSA UK. At NCM Aberdeen, I was appointed as co-Head of the Organising Committee for the XVI NCM in London. In London, I ran for and was elected as VP Marketing of ELSA UK. In my previous term as VP Marketing of ELSA UK, I was delighted to launch the ELSA UK website and attend International Council Meetings in Sarajevo and Lviv.

For the coming term, I hope to build on past accomplishments, implement a comprehensive internal management structure, solidify ELSA UK’s alumni network and secure charity status for the organisation.


Hendrik Jónsson (London School of Economics)

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I am an Icelandic aspiring lawyer, born in London and raised in Belgium, seeking to work in the field of international dispute resolution. Alongside my role as Treasurer of ELSA United Kingdom, I am a Trainee in the Internal Market Division at the European Free Trade Association Secretariat in Brussels. I completed my LL.B at the University of Kent and have just completed my LL.M at the London School of Economics, and ELSA was an integral part of both my degrees.

Having joined as a member of ELSA Kent, I decided in my third year to pursue an officer‘s position as Treasurer. There I became exposed to the nationwide network and I haven‘t looked back since. I was Director of Financial Management of the 1st ELSA Summer Law School on Migration Law in June 2017, serving the same role for the International Conference on Energy Law in March 2018. During my LL.M, I co-founded an ELSA group at LSE. I attended the International Council Meeting of ELSA in Sarajevo in October 2017 where I was elected as Plenary Secretary. During the 2017/2018 term, I served jointly as Director for Law Schools and Director for Marketing, which included working on the design and launch of the ELSA UK website.

Vice President for Marketing (MKT) 

Shoshana Leibovici (Queen Mary University of London)

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I am an Austrian/Israeli, second-year English and European law student at Queen Mary University of London. Before starting at QMUL I successfully completed the IB diploma at the Vienna International School and took a gap year in which I explored potential career paths. 
I began my ELSA journey as a director of Marketing on the Local level and quickly overtook the position of Vice President. My ELSA journey has allowed me to experience the diversity of this amazing Society. I was privileged to partake as an organising committee member of the first International Conference on Energy law and attend two NCM’s as well as numerous academic and social events held all over the network. An action filled year full of ELSA events and spirits, inspired me to run for the national board, and leaves me incredibly excited for this year. 
For the coming term, I aim to ensure collaboration between all ELSA UK members. I want to establish clarity as to the rules for local marketing officers and ensure support for all local groups.  I will support my fellow board members to ensure the proper recognition of the amazing projects coming this year.

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Maira Fiorini Suzin (Queen Mary University of London)

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I am a Brazilian/Italian aspiring solicitor currently studying the second year of a Global Law LLB degree at Queen Mary University of London. I have lived and worked in three different countries so far and my appreciation for cultural diversity and the desire to contribute to a ‘borderless’ legal profession meant ELSA was a perfect match for my aspirations as a person and young professional.

I have been actively involved with ELSA at University and had the opportunity to attend numerous events and training sessions throughout the year. I started working for ELSA UK in 2018 as a Director for Administration (BEE), where I provided support on developing the Legal Research Group initiative and executed various administrative tasks under the supervision of the President of ELSA UK. I am excited to currently serve as the Director for STEP at ELSA QMUL and overjoyed to have been elected Vice President for Seminars & Conferences during the Autumn NCM in Bristol.

For the coming term, I hope to strengthen and improve the UK’s participation on key projects such as the IFP and ELSA Day, with a view to expanding our international presence. The promotion of initiatives such as training sessions, study visits and panel discussions on the national and international level will be a priority.  Moreover, my aim is to optimise communication to ensure all groups are kept up to date and have access to the support they need to create innovative and interesting projects. Special attention will be given to enforce quality standards and ensure cooperation and cohesion between all local groups.

Vice President for Academic Activities (AA)

Nikiana Lambert (University of Bristol)

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Originally from Cyprus, I am currently in my final year studying law at the University of Bristol. After graduation, I will be moving into the legal profession as a trainee solicitor.

My ELSA career began in my second year, during which I helped establish ELSA Bristol and took on the role of Co Vice-President for Academic Activities. During my term, my team and I successfully organised an EU law mooting competition at my university, as well as a presentation in collaboration with the Environment Agency. I have also been involved in the Student Comparative and European Law Review (SCELR) as an Editor.

I have grown to appreciate the fantastic opportunities ELSA has to offer and I am very excited to be part of such a great Association. For this coming term, I hope to encourage collaboration between Local Groups in AA-related projects, as well as continue and develop a variety of different activities, such as Legal Research Groups and Essay Competitions. 

Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Meeri Toivanen (London School of Economics)

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After completing my undergraduate studies in comparative legal studies jointly in Tallinn and Maastricht, I arrived in the United Kingdom last year to complete my LL.M. at the LSE. I interned at law firms in the Baltics, Turkey, and Switzerland, and alongside other commitments, I work currently as a competition law editor in charge of the Finnish, Swedish and Spanish jurisdictions.

Not only am I passionate about trade and energy law, I enjoy learning about different cultures, for which reason I naturally gravitated towards ELSA already during the first years of law school. Alongside attending three ELSA Summer Law Schools, one amazing STEP traineeship, and the ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO dispute settlement system, I was last year the co-founder and President of the ELSA LSE SU, a local group of ELSA at the LSE, and I also sat in the National Board of ELSA United Kingdom in the same position as this year, the Vice President for STEP.

My goal for this year is to develop STEP in the United Kingdom further by collaborating with more prospective STEP providers interested in receiving highly qualified legal interns to work with them. I wish to raise greater awareness about the fantastic opportunities STEP has to offer for law students in the United Kingdom who are interested in gaining legal work experience that not only looks great on their CVs but stays with them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, I look forward to contributing to the work of the international STEP team of ELSA this year.

Vice President for Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

Sarah Ikast Kristoffersen (London School of Economics)

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I am a Danish fifth-year law student with an LL.B. from the University of Copenhagen, an LL.M. in Corporate and Commercial Law from the LSE, and currently pursuing an LL.M. from the University of Copenhagen as well as working part-time at the leading Danish law firm Kromann Reumert.

I joined ELSA as a general member in 2014 and while I have participated in several events since then, I only became active within ELSA in the Autumn of 2017, when I helped start up ELSA LSE SU as the Vice President for Seminars and Conferences. During the year, I organised two moot court competitions and came to the realisation that I am an MCCer. I now look forward to kick-starting this area in the UK.

My plan for my term is simple; I want to establish a national moot court competition in the UK. Mooting is a cornerstone of ELSA and very popular among UK students, I am therefore very positive about the prospects of an ELSA UK MCC. It is not only an amazing opportunity for UK students to be exposed to international style mooting, but also an outstanding chance to brand ELSA UK.


  • Director for Alumni Management (BEE) – Bianca Patulea (Alumna)
  • Directors for Internal Management (IM) – Sara Osmanagaoglu (Queen Mary University of London) and Emily Townsend (University of Kent)
  • Director for Financial Management (FM) – Shannon McLaughlin (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Director for Academic Activities (AA) – Adrianna Brzozowska (Univeristy of Leicester)
  • Director for the ELSA UK Negotiation Competition (AA/MCC) – Joanna Veimou (University of Kent)
  • Director for Law Schools (S&C) – Quennie Bongcac (Alumna)
  • Directors for STEP Reception (STEP) – Ezgi Cankurtaran (King’s College London)
  • Director for STEP Job Hunting (STEP) – Evangelia Makridou (University of Bristol)
  • Director for ELSA UK Law Careers (STEP) – Francesco Bondi (University of Birmingham)
  • Director for National Moot Court Competitions (MCC) – Jason Law (University of Bristol)
  • Director for the London Human Rights Moot Court Competition (MCC) – Katrina Hung (London School of Economics)
  • Director for Project Development (MCC) – Laura Cestaro (Queen Mary University of London)


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