National Board 2019-2020

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The National Board for the 2019/2020 term was comprised of 8 officers elected by the National Council.

The National Council Meetings of ELSA UK during this term were hosted in Leeds in the autumn and in Birmingham in the spring.

The National Officers represented ELSA United Kingdom at all International Internal Meetings such as the Supporting Area Meeting in Alicante, the Key Area Meeting in Istanbul, the summer International Presidents’ Meeting in Thessaloniki and the winter International Presidents’ Meeting in Munich. The National Board of ELSA UK was also present and voting at the International Council Meeting Constanta in autumn as well as at the first Online International Council Meeting held in June.

Additionally, during the term, the first-ever Regional Round for the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition (EHRMCC) was organised by ELSA UK in collaboration with ELSA Nottingham at the University of Nottingham. Finally, another collaboration between ELSA UK and ELSA Nottingham saw the International Conference of ELSA on Refugee Law organised at the University of Nottingham with participants attending from all across Europe.


Agata Daszko (University of Nottingham)

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I was born in Poland, grew up in Belfast and in 2014 moved to England to pursue a degree in Law with German and German Law at the University of Nottingham. Currently, I am completing an LLM in Public International Law at the University of Leiden.

I caught the ELSA-bug after taking part in a Summer Law School on Human Rights in Croatia, following which I established the ELSA Nottingham Refugee Project. I was also incredibly fortunate to partake in an ELSA Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva as well as in the ELSA Legal Research Group on Migration Law. Furthermore, for the academic 2018/19 year I had the wonderful privilege of being the President of ELSA Nottingham.

I was elected to President of ELSA UK at the ELSA UK XX NCM in London and I strive to support and motivate my amazing new National Board to the best of my abilities. In my presidential term I hope to build on past successes and keep improving and expanding our National Group, forming meaningful links with our alumni and partners and making sure that our Local Groups and their members are heard, supported and rewarded.

Secretary General

Sina Gertsch (University of Leeds)

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Originally from Switzerland, I am a final year Law LLB student at the University of Leeds. Prior to my move to the UK I worked as a travel agent for five years which allowed me to explore the world before returning to student life.

I became a part of the ELSA network in 2018 when I cofounded ELSA Leeds as president. Most of my time was spent drafting founding documents as well as recruiting members and establishing relationships with our Law School, our Students’ Union and external partners. I will remain in this position for the next term.

Since I just cannot get enough of ELSA, I decided to run for the position of Secretary General of ELSA UK at the XX NCM in London and was unanimously elected. Only a couple weeks after the NCM, I attended my first ICM in Baku. I took part in Internal Management workshops where I was heavily involved in drawing up the new Human Resources Model section in the ELSA decision book.

I am looking forward to working with a brilliant team on further improving our national chapter in the coming term.


Lauren Henry (University of Leeds)

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Originally from Sheffield, UK I now live in Leeds and I am a final year Law LLB student at the University of Leeds. Previous to my studies I had a successful career in finance but had always had a passion for Law, especially Human Rights, and so I decided to begin my studies in 2017.

I joined the ELSA network in 2018 as a co-founder of ELSA Leeds, where I began and remain as Secretary General. The time I spent ensuring the success of this Local Group got me truly immersed in ELSA. With my previous experience in finance I decided to run for Treasurer of ELSA UK at the XX NCM London and was unanimously elected. In April 2019 I attended ICM Baku which only enhanced my passion for ELSA UK and the wider network.

I look forward to supporting our Local Groups in any way that I can. I’m also excited to work with the newly elected National Board in growing and strengthening our national network and ties with other National Groups.

Vice President for Marketing (MKT) 

Polyxeni Papageorgiou (University of Aberdeen)

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I am 21 years old and was born and raised on the beautiful island of Cyprus. I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland to pursue an undergraduate degree at the University of Aberdeen. I am now entering my final year of Law with English Law.

My ELSA journey began in my first year of university when I met some very inviting Committee Members who encouraged me to get involved. I soon got elected as the VP for Marketing at ELSA Aberdeen during my second year which quickly escalated to president for my third year and now fourth year. During 2018/19 I had the opportunity to visit my first ever NCM in Bristol and at XX NCM London won “Distinguished President 2018/19 Award”. My excitement for ELSA inspired me to run for the position of VP for Marketing on the National Board. For me 2019/20 will be an amazing year full of new experiences and hard work!

For the coming term, I aim to continue the excellent collaboration between ELSA UK Local Groups. I wish to support local VP’s for Marketing in encouraging marketing identities which they feel fit their Local Group and foster positive engagement. I aim to assist my fellow ELSA UK board members with anything I can to ensure the smooth and successful running of ELSA UK.

Vice President for Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

Daniel Parkin (University of Nottingham)

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I was born and raised in a very small town in the UK. However, due to the hard work of my single mother, I was able to travel and meet a diverse range of people and expand my world view. Due to this I gained an interest in International Law and the plight of refugees in these systems.

I am entering my final year of reading Law at the University of Nottingham and ELSA has been a major part of my life for the past 4 years. I have been privileged to witness the community of ELSA and the amazing opportunities that it offers to law students. What I find the most inspiring about ELSA is the values it extols.

This academic year I will hold the positions of President of ELSA Nottingham and VP for Seminars and Conferences of ELSA UK. I wish to work hard on bringing the ELSA UK community closer together and offering even more opportunities to our members. In my role on the National Board, I will work to ensure that all Local Groups, new or old, can access and provide the many amazing events offered by the network. I hope to achieve this by providing templates for some of our core events. I also have the ambition to create an international conference on International Refugee Law, which I hope can become a recurring event in the ELSA UK calendar.


Vice President for Academic Activities (AA)

Dóra Hományi (University of Stirling)

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Originally from Hungry I now reside in Scotland as a third year Scottish Law student at the University of Stirling. My ELSA journey started on the first week of my first year when I joined ELSA Stirling. Two months later I became the Vice President for Academic Activities. Previous to beginning my studies in Law I completed a degree in Archaeology and History. I am thoroughly enjoying my law degree and my main area of interest is in Family Law, but I am also interested in Human Rights and International Law.

This upcoming year I will be the Secretary General at ELSA Stirling and VP for Academic Activities of ELSA UK. In the past two years I have gained a significant amount of ELSA experience and I will bring this experience to use on a national level.

My main goal is to build a closer relationship with Local Groups and to show them that they do not have to be the largest law related society at their university to get support and provide opportunities to their members. I am aiming to continue the AMICUS essay competition, the ENC (ELSA Negotiation Competition) and run SCELR.

Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

Francesco Bondi (University of Birmingham)

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I am originally from Italy; however, I have spent most of my life living and studying in the United States between New York City and Boston. It is due to these experiences that I developed a strong interest in International Law. More specifically law which concerns Human Rights and the defences thereof.

I am currently studying towards an undergraduate degree in International Law at the University of Birmingham. It was here that I first got acquainted with ELSA and became one of the founding members of ELSA Birmingham where I originally served as Vice President for STEP. Since my recent election to President of ELSA Birmingham, I have dedicated much of my time to growing our reach amongst my fellow university students in order to raise awareness and knowledge of the incredible and life-changing opportunities that ELSA has to offer its members.

On the national level, as VP for STEP, I wish to work closely with both the national representatives and local ones to ensure that they are inspired by their roles and the wonderful opportunities they can offer their members. STEP is a prime example of these opportunities and it is therefore my wish to expand STEP’s reach and ELSA UK’s collaboration with all legal experience providers present in the UK.

Vice President for Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

Laura Cestaro (Queen Mary University of London)

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I am an Italian second year English and European Law student at Queen Mary University London. I moved around Europe before settling into London which has been my home for the past 5 years. I will be spending my third year abroad in another European nation before returning to London for my final undergraduate year.

Despite the short time I have been in university, I have actively participated in ELSA QMUL since my first weeks. My ELSA career began through applying to OC of the 2019 LHRMCC. Clerking while working closely with my predecessor raised my interest to be more active and led to my appointment as Head of All Clerks for COMMOOT 2019 and Director for Project Development for 2019 Moot Court Competitions. After attending the XX NCM and understanding what it means to be part of such a varied and inspiring group, I could not have been more thrilled to be elected VP MCC of ELSA UK. Other than my MCC experience, I have been head of ELSA Delegation at the 73rd CEDAW and I have attended SELS Zadar on Human Rights and Globalisation.

In my term I plan to host a pre-round to the EHRMCC as well as run COMMOOT through a new structure increasing Local Group involvement. This allows a balance between international network participation and activity at the local level, ensuring sustainability.


  • Director for External Relations Strategy (BEE) – Ema Sichmanova (Univeristy of Aberdeen)
  • Director for Alumni Relations (BEE) – Navya Shah (University of Nottingham)
  • Director for Internal Management (IM) – Harry Whyte (University of Stirling)
  • Director for Study Visits (S&C) – Estée Deschamps (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Director for ELSA Law Schools (S&C) – Nia Belezhkova
  • Director for Engagement (S&C) – Isha Komeh (University of Leeds)
  • Director for ELSA UK Moot Court Competitions (MCC) – Thomas Sittek (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Director for Venue and Logistics COMMOOT (MCC) – Mohammad Beheshti (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Director for Academic Programme COMMOOT (MCC) – Karolina Cwiertnia (University College London)
  • Director for Structure and Rounds COMMOOT (MCC) – Valentina Famiani (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Head of OC EHRMCC RR Nottingham (MCC) – Justin Li (University of Nottingham)
  • Director for Venue and Logistics EHRMCC RR Nottingham (MCC) – Mohammad Ziad Aljamal (University of Nottingham)
  • Director for Judges and Participants EHRMCC RR Nottingham (MCC) – Kara Rhian Crilly-Jones (University of Nottingham)
  • Director for Social Programme EHRMCC RR Nottingham (MCC) – Lianne Suleiman (University of Nottingham)



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