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XX National Council Meeting

The 20th National Council Meeting of ELSA UK will be held in the UK's capital city of London, co-hosted by the Local Groups at Queen Mary University of London, the London School of Economics and University College London. The NCM is the forum where officers of ELSA UK receive their training, the national network sets its agenda and the new National Board is elected for the next ELSA term.

The participation fee for the NCM is £25 - registrations after 25 February 23:59 GMT are subject to an elevated participation fee of £35.

Further, the Organising Committee has compiled an international participants' programme to allow our ELSA friends from across he continent to experience a fun-filled weekend in London, take in the historic and famous sights, and bring their personal perspectives on ELSA from home to the forum of a UK NCM.

No further registrations will be accepted after March 8th 23:59 GMT.

Questions for the Organising Committee may be directed to:

Questions for the National Board may be directed to

Please read the Information Pack (below) before registering.

NCM London Information Pack

NCM London Information Pack

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President, Treasurer, Vice President for STEP, Member, etc.
The International Participants' Programme is not available to officers of ELSA UK Local Groups.
*Further information about payment for the Gala Ball and menu options will be available by 8 February 2019.
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