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nottinghamELSA Nottingham is the Local Group of ELSA for students at the University of Nottingham. It was founded in August 2015 and became an Observer group of ELSA UK at the National Council Meeting in November 2015. At the National Council Meeting of ELSA UK in Nottingham in April 2016, ELSA Nottingham was unanimously voted in as a full member. The group is affiliated with the University of Nottingham Students’ Union (UoNSU).



Nottingham Talks! Immigration in 2018 Britain

Photo2We helped organise a citizen’s assembly event with Immigration Education Nottingham and NILS which aimed to reclaim the public debate on immigration in the UK and to empower the local community to start a better conversation on UK immigration in an informed and humanised post-Brexit period. It was the largest public assembly event in the UK, with 180 attendees, in getting the people of Nottingham and some of the UK’s best migration experts to talk honestly and openly about some of the most important issues and concerns relating to immigration’s role in the future in our country.

STEP/Delegations Workshop

Photo3 We offer workshops to the law students of the University of Nottingham to ensure they have access to guidance and advice on writing applications for both opportunities. These are held twice a year before applications for Delegations or STEP open.

Refugee Project

Throughout 2018, the ELSA Nottingham Refugee Project continued to grow as we focused on continuing to carry out our usual volunteering programmes. For the first time, the project is being led by a committee of four people. Twenty-four other volunteers have been working on our three core projects: Access English lessons, welfare support and befriending. With the growth of the project, we have decided to increase our presence in the law school by seeking to organise a speaker series on legal issues relating to refugees, asylum-seekers and immigration in the upcoming year. We look forward to another year of volunteering and development of the project.


Its initial project was Access which offers workshops delivered by students and trained English teachers to provide conversational classes to roughly 15-20 refugees and asylum seekers each week. It also incorporates social time where students sit and talk to service users and provide food and drinks.


The Refugee Project also provides Welfare Support which consists of 6 volunteers who work with a full-time welfare officer at Belong.


Our most ambitious and innovative activity is the Befriending Scheme which enables small groups of students to be paired with refugees and asylum seekers from Nottingham which not only helps integrate them with the community, but also offers real-life targeting English practice and provides people with a safe outlet for thoughts and experiences.


“ELSA students have engaged with us at Nottingham Rainbow Project in a variety of ways, supporting our Access project, distributing food parcels, teaching English, befriending and so much more. Their input has been invaluable. Some have also supported us with our monitoring and evaluation by interviewing participants and collecting feedback.” – Adam Baker Coordinator of the Rainbow Project.

‘What they have achieved in such a short period of time is unheard of within the sector, their approach has not only been friendly but also professional. They have proved themselves to be reliable as well as enthusiastic and their contribution is helping to change lives.’ – Glyn Lawrence.

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