ELSA QMUL is the Local Group of ELSA for students at Queen Mary University of London. It is one of the largest operative ELSA groups in the United Kingdom as well as being the oldest established London group. It was voted in as a full member of ELSA UK at the National Council Meeting in the spring of 2014. The first UK based President of ELSA International, Anastasia Kalinina, was the President of ELSA Queen Mary 2015-2016. The group is affiliated with the Queen Mary Students’ Union (QMSU).


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Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

ELSA Queen Mary invites Lady Hale of Richmond

29389063_1879610488718528_7931791838128635904_oThe European Law Students’ Association invited the President of the Supreme Court of England & Wales to Queen Mary University of London. Baroness Hale is the Patroness of ELSA UK and she was more than excited to come and talk to our ELSA Members and fellow QM students about her experiences as a highly successful woman in the legal world and on the bench.

ELSA Training Sessions


ELSA QMUL seeks to help its members develop skills and competencies and thus organises Certified Training sessions with Trainer and Barrister Ms. Dixsha Patel. The interactive Training sessions focus on Communication, Negotiation, Decision making, Conflict and Crisis Management and Resolution, and advocacy. Devoted participants will receive a certificate from ELSA International in a special ceremony, proving the development of their transferable skills.

ELSA QMUL host relevant seminars every term on different areas of law. The lectures held focus on a wide range of topics and aim to engage a wider audience. ELSA QMUL’s first event of the academic year on Medical Ethics, was delivered by Professors Richard Ashcroft and Rachael Mulheron who discussed  the issues of Ethics and the Human Genome, as well as the Emerging Duty of Care to Relatives of Patients with Genetically transmitted Diseases. Further through the year lectures have included “Daniel van Binsbergen:From the Practice of Law to Founding Lexoo” held in a joint initiative with the Queen Mary Business Enterprise Society, Queen Mary Law Society, and Queen Mary Pro Bono Society, “Diversity & The Law” given by Dr Charlotte Proudman, Ms Felicity Gerry QC, Ms Deborah Lawumni, Ms Camille Joly and Mr Amit Popat. “Designing your career in ADR”, co-hosted by the QMUL ADR Society, was discussed by Dr Helmut Ortner. Additionally, the lecture on Windrush, delivered by Human Rights barrister and poet David Neita was widely attended.

Academic Activities (AA)

ELSA Day – Supreme Court Visit

As the Academic Activities team, we appreciate how important it is to represent the society both externally and internally. Hence, we decided to organise trip to the Supreme Court.  Previously having been widely attended, this enriching event will without a doubt also be a huge success this year. After an insightful tour around the Court facilities, the group has the opportunity to explore the interactive educational exhibition. Next, some participants may decide to observe one of the open appeal hearings on the compelling issues. Others may decide to indulge themselves with some of the delicious treats offered by the cosy court café. Overall, the visit strengthens ELSA’s image as an active and academically involved society.

Other Academic Activities will include:

  • ELSA Queen Mary Essay competition
  • Legal debate on Gender & The Law
  • ELSA Day
  • Supreme Court Visit
  • Legal Research Group on Investment Arbitration and Lex Mercatoria
  • The Great Legal Quiz

Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

European Human Rights Moot Court Competition (EHRMCC)

Given ELSA’s truly international character, partaking in the European Human Rights Moot Court Competition appeared to us to be especially important. Not only did this competition give its participants the unique opportunity to strengthen their mooting and oral skills but once again stressed ELSA’s involvement in academic projects. The competition was announced, a recruitment session held, and a team of 4 fellow students created. It was our great pleasure that professor Stephen Bowen from the British Institute of Human Rights was willing to coach our team. Their collaboration was highly effective and they proceeded to prepare a written submission on a fictitious case. The team submitted their work on the 15th January 2018. In light of the vast interest of both law and non-law students in the competition, the AA team decided to get involved in two subsequent moot court competitions. Both the moot court competition on the WTO and the London Human Rights Moot Court Competition were popular projects, received enthusiastically by the student body.

In the academic year of 2018-2019, ELSA QMUL will be sending teams to COMMOOT, the London Human Rights Moot Court Competition and the John H. Jackson Moot.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

ELSA QMUL’s key priority is increasing the application volume from ELSA QMUL members, which we will achieve by marketing the opportunities more actively and holding two application workshops for undergraduates, one for each cycle, and a separate workshop for postgraduates students. This will also be followed by an application workshop to improve students’ overall applications and CV’s.

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