Seminars & Conferences

As one of ELSA’s Key Areas, Seminars and Conferences (S&C) is integral to fulfilling our purpose of contributing to legal education, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting social responsibility to our members. In addition to the traditional seminars and conferences, this area encompasses Study Visits, Summer and Winter Law Schools, ELSA Day events, and ELSA Delegations.

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Study visits are a key way of improving intercultural understanding and strengthening the ELSA network. Through trips abroad or to other Local Groups, members have the opportunity to learn about culture and history, as well as to visit institutions. These visits not only support the traditional academic learning by exposing members to experts abroad, but also allow them to experience another country as a local, thanks to the hospitality of the receiving group.

Most local groups organise annual or biannual study visits and ELSA UK aims to organise a visit at the national level each year.

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ELSA organises law schools both in winter and summer. These are usually organised by Local Groups, who source food, accommodation, and an academic programme for the week. ELSA hosts Summer Law Schools on a wide range of topics including Intellectual Property, Capital Markets law, Cultural Preservation, and even Food Law! During the course of a week or slightly longer, students will develop a solid understanding of their chosen area of law through lectures and seminars. They will also be provided with a rich cultural and social programme and will have the chance to meet ELSA members from all over the world.

ELSA UK currently has one summer law school, hosted by ELSA Kent and is currently considering opportunities for new summer schools.

Find out more about: ELSA Law Schools.

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ELSA Day is the most important day in the ELSA calendar, a day on which the whole network comes together to celebrate the founding of the organisation. Events in the UK include visits to the Supreme Court, lectures, seminars, and pub quizzes on the chosen topic.
The national board plays a supportive role by encouraging local groups to hold events and by advising them on how to succeed.

Find out more about: ELSA Day.

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