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14359169_971942562927681_7255390738314914370_nELSA Sheffield was founded in 2012 and is affiliated with Sheffield Students Union and School of Law – University of Sheffield. The first UK based President of ELSA Sheffield, was elected in 2012 which makes it one of the oldest established UK group. As a local group of ELSA we aim to expand the knowledge and career possibilities across Europe for students at the University of Sheffield.


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Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

2017 – BREXIT: Bad news for the British people’s environment and health?

ELSA Sheffield hosted in 2017 the Local Conference on BREXIT themes. Members of ELSA Sheffield and law students interested in the area of law enjoyed a 1-hour talk from Dr. Apolline Roger, lecturer in Environmental Law at the University of Sheffield. The conference was held on the potential implications of leaving the EU that will have on the environment.


Academic Activities (AA)

Language Exchange Programme  

As part of the series of Academic Activities, ELSA Sheffield hosted a multilingual event, where law students studying LLB with French, Spanish or German law could improve their communication skills whilst practicing other languages. As an international society we are following to accommodate each member of the community by organising events tailored to our cultural environment in which everyone has something new to learn. The Society’s accent is not only focusing on broadening legal horizons, but to also creating opportunities for developing transferable skills for its members.

Fundraising – Assist Sheffield

In November 2016, ELSA Sheffield organised a brownie bake sale in the Bartolome House – School of Law, with the aim to send the profits to Assist Sheffield, in order to support them with the refugee destitution charity they had organised.


ELSA Day – Supreme Court Visit

Being a Departmental Society, we understand the importance of engaging in a wide variety of projects, therefore ELSA Sheffield organised something different for its members. As students reading a variety of dissenting judgements coming from the Supreme Court over the academic year, the members were eager to see the place from which all of the historical judgements are coming from. As a result, we organised an ELSA Day at the Supreme Court, where the students were able to gain an insight into the Court facilities and explore the premises. After that, some participants decided to take a tour around London and treat themselves after a long hard-working time at the University. The event was without a doubt a success and the event increased the awareness of ELSA on campus.


ELSA Winter/Summer Schools – Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP)

This year, ELSA Sheffield hosted throughout the year a number of workshops informing students about the winter and summer schools and the application process. The students were extremely surprised by the opportunities that ELSA can offer and they got involved in the presentation. Moreover, the STEP Officer engaged with the applicants throughout the application period, offering support and advice for successful applications.

Planned for 2018/2019 Academic Year:

This year’s committee will be more promising than ever before, which means that ELSA Sheffield will host a variety of activities, seminars and conferences specifically tailored to its members. The new agenda was already set for the 2018/2019 academic years and includes:

Legal Societies Battle Quiz

The event will include a pop quiz between ELSA and other Law Societies in which the law students will be able to create teams and fight against each other.

ELSA Days (Trips and Socials)

The Society will continue the ELSA Day scheme during which we will organise not only national, but also local trips to the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court for an insightful trial.

Moot Court Competitions  

  • EHRMCC (European Human Rights Moot Court Competition) at ECHR.
  • EMC2 (European Moot Court Competition) with WTO (World Trade Organisation)
  • The ELSA Negotiation Competition (ENC)
  • Client Interviewing Competition
  • Lectures on mooting, bail application, plea in mitigation
  • Networking events with local law firms
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Charity events


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