The Student Trainee Exchange Programme (STEP) is the international legal internship programme of ELSA. STEP enables law students and young lawyers to gain legal work experience in another country and legal system.


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ELSA UK works with the following employers to provide legal work to ELSA members abroad.

Island Advice Centre

Location: London (Canary Wharf, Isle of Dogs)

Type: Charity, Legal Advice Centre

Island Advice Centre assists the local residents facing financial hardships by providing a free legal service to those facing the risk of losing their home, becoming bankrupt, or facing court for financial issues. The team of 12 staff members and volunteers assists the clients with the matters of e.g. welfare benefit, housing, and debt, and it deals with both basic enquiries and specialist cases, including judicial proceedings. Island Advice Centre also provides free legal services, e.g. telephone advice, drop-in advice sessions, and appointments at the headquarters.

The STEP trainees are allocated either in the debt or housing practice within the Centre, and they will work closely with the lawyers by e.g. shadowing client interviews. The STEP trainee is involved in e.g. drafting legal documents, providing support with case work and general administration, preparing budget sheets for clients, reviewing cases, and contacting clients.

Antaco (UK) Ltd.

Location: Guildford

Type: Company Specialised in Waste Management and Renewable Energy Sources

Antaco is a company found in 2011. It has developed and patented an engineering technology that converts organic into a viable, commercially sound source of sustainable energy. Antaco combines a deep understanding of the markets for organic waste production with an extensive experience and expertise within the field of renewable energy sources.

STEP trainees are involved in assisting the legal department and the Directors of Antaco with ensuring that the company’s compliance matters are taken care of accordingly and with creating and maintaining the database, the patent portfolio, and the governance rules of Antaco. The tasks of the STEP trainee may range from organisational duties to the oversight of specific projects within the legal department of Antaco. The tasks touch on a range of different legal topics (e.g. contract law, company law, intellectual and industrial property law) and different jurisdictions, and the specific content of the tasks may vary depending on the STEP trainee’s level of experience.

Legal Advice Centre (University House)

Location: London (Mile End)

Type: Charity, Legal Advice Centre

The Legal Advice Centre of University House offers free and independent legal advice to people living and working in England and Wales. It is one of the oldest and most respected legal advice centres in London, founded in 1941.

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