Going to work in the legal sector in a different country than that of your study is an experience of a lifetime. Not only do you get to apply the skills you have gained at law school, but you also gain unique and valuable exposure to new cultures. STEP offers as many benefits to you as you are ready to embrace, some of which include the following:

You are Appreciated

Employers outside the United Kingdom recognise the quality of UK universities, and hence your law degree will be valued. Most of the traineeships require as the minimum requirement a good command of English, which is another reason why UK applicants rank high in STEP.

Valuable Work Experience

STEP enables you to gain legal work experience at companies, organisations and institutions of various sizes and kinds. By working in a different country at a law firm, consulting agency, legal advice centre, law faculty, ministry, court, or a civil organisation, you get to develop the practical skills necessary for a future career in legal practice.

Cultural Exchange

Exposure to foreign cultures is a valued asset in an increasingly globalised world. In addition to developing your legal skills, STEP places you in another country and culture, which is a great opportunity to practice your language skills and broaden your cultural understanding.

STEP Sets You Apart!

The experiences you gain from STEP and take with you back home are a certain conversation starter! STEP is a unique opportunity, which certainly catches also the attention of any future employers in your favour.

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Name: Jessica Allen

ELSA Local Group: ELSA Nottingham

Student Profile: Law with French and French law, graduate master

STEP provider: Maynooth University in Maynooth, Ireland

Testimony: “I have loved my time at Maynooth University. I feel very lucky I have had such an attentive and motivating supervisor to work with, and that I was in the company of other lovely trainees. Organising accommodation was relatively easy and I have taken the opportunity to travel around Ireland on the weekends. The hours have been manageable and I feel that the experience I have acquired is a very useful asset to my CV. Travelling around the Wild Atlantic Way on my first weekend in Ireland was amazing – I loved seeing the raw, wild emerald landscape that I had heard about! I also loved that I went out for a meal with my supervisor on my final day in Maynooth: he was so welcoming when I first arrived and he has regularly checked in on me throughout the research period, when we would take the time to discuss new ideas over coffee or lunch. Lastly, producing such a lengthy and comprehensive final report feels like an incredible and tangible achievement!”

Name: Julia Rosinska ELSA Local Group: ELSA Westminster Student Profile: Graduate Bachelor STEP provider: Kruger and Partners in Poznan, Poland Testimony: “Definitely do a STEP traineeship! The only way to grow is to step out of your comfort zone and gain experience from professionals. Remember, that the legal profession is very competitive and being part of ELSA and ELSA STEP traineeship can only help you further develop your skills, gain new ones, meet amazing people from the profession. It will definitely increase your employability in the future! The most memorable experience for me was when I was working on an IP case in English and Polish. It was a great exposure from day one and I am grateful that the partner from the law firm allocated this case to me and together we were working on it.”[siteorigin_widget][/siteorigin_widget][siteorigin_widget][/siteorigin_widget]

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