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ELSA Stirling is the local group for the University of Stirling in central Scotland. ELSA Stirling was founded in 2016 and gained Observer Status to the network at the XV National Council Meeting in Aberdeen. We gained full membership of ELSA UK at the Spring XVI National Council Meeting in London. At the National Council Meeting in November 2017 in Exeter we were selected to host the Spring 2018 National Council Meeting. We are affiliated with Stirling Students Union and Stirling Law School since our creation.



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ELSA Stirling has run activities across all key areas over the past year.

Seminars & Conferences (S&C)

In the new year we are planning to have seminars on Copyright and Space Law. Out S&C VP has been working hard to find appropriate speakers for these events and keep them balanced and interesting. In the past we have held Seminars on Data Protection and areas within Criminal Law which have proved popular with students at Stirling.

Environmental Law Conference

ELSA Stirling will be holding a conference on Environmental Law in March 2019. This conference will bring together legal academics, politicians, permanent policy experts, and environmentalists to have panel discussions, workshops, and lectures on this area of law. The University of Stirling’s law department has a strong theme of Environmental Law with many of the academics contributing to policy and journals in relation to this topic.

The conference will have focusses on the future of Environmental Law and the effects of migration in this area. The conference will be open to all ELSA members and will be a two-day event which will also show off parts of our beautiful city.

Academic Activities (AA)

Life as a Lawyer

In November 2018, our AA VP organised an event we hold annually of Life as a Lawyer. It was an insightful and interesting evening with in depth knowledge of varying areas of law!

We were very grateful to welcome:

  • Usman Aslam: A solicitor within Migration Law.
  • Khadija Sarwar: Who works at the Procurator Fiscal office.
  • Robert Mcconnell: A trainee at Harper Macleod.
  • Charlotte Cockburn: A trainee at Lynn Herbert & Co.
  • Aaron Kane: A trainee at Freelands Solicitors.
  • Elizabeth Rose: A solicitor, mostly within negligence law, at Drummond & Miller.

All speakers gave us an amazing insight in to their journeys and gave important advice on going forward with practice in Law!

Negotiation Workshop

Next semester we are holding a Negotiations Workshop with Patricia Barclay who is the one of the founders of Bonaccord Law firm.

Through this we are hoping to improve resilience and reasoning training for our members as well as helping them think on their feet.

Moot Court Competitions (MCC)

This year we have had some very keen first years who thoroughly enjoy mooting. We are currently looking to put a team together for the Human Rights Moot in March 2019.

We have also been working on improving our members skills beyond the legal side of Mooting. In the Spring Semester 2019 we are holding an event with the Public Speaking society at Stirling. We are hoping to make it a joint effort where we explain mooting to them and they endeavour to improve our public speaking skills.

In the new year we are also planning to put on a small Mooting competition between the other Scottish local groups. Our law schools will help put this together and we will put forward teams to compete.

Student Trainee Exchange Programme 

To help our local member get the most out the Student Trainee Exchange Program ELSA Stirling have regularly run workshops to help them with both choosing which internships to apply for and their applications.


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